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Could Have

Could Have

It could have happened.
It had to happen.
It happened earlier. Later.
Nearer. Farther off.
It happened, but not to you.

You were saved because you were the first.
You were saved because you were the last.
Alone. With others.
On the right. The left.
Because it was raining. Because of the shade.
Because the day was sunny.

You were in luck — there was a forest.
You were in luck — there were no trees.
You were in luck — a rake, a hook, a beam, a brake,
a jamb, a turn, a quarter-inch, an instant …

So you’re here? Still dizzy from
another dodge, close
      shave, reprieve?

One hole in the net and you slipped through?
I couldn’t be more shocked or

how your heart pounds inside me.

- Wislawa Szymborska


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turn my heart into metal

everytime we quarrell,
my heart chips off a little.

does it matter?
maybe its too much a hassle.

one of my favourite movie - Closer

Every word has consequences. Every silence, too.

Jean-Paul Sartre, from The Sellected Essays (via violentwavesofemotion)

quiet #lunch : #cereal with # grapes , cherry #tomatoes , blueberries and #lemonade


Le ciel obscure, la solitude qui nous rends trop de peine
Le ceour qui brise, a cause qu’il y a vecu seul
L’amour est partie il ya longtemps que je t’ai vu
C’est incroyable que je peut vivre comme ca




perhaps in another world,
we live happily ever after

could, would

i could if i would
but i couldnt and you wouldnt

i could if you would
but you couldnt and i wouldnt

you could if i would 
so i could and you would 

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